You are just out of reach,

A beautiful dream,

A ideal I wish to hold tight.


I’ve seen what lies beyond the surface,

I’ve seen you fight,

That battle between heart and head.


I know you,

You know me,

We will find a way.


I find comfort when I see what I can become.

I find pain when I see what I have done.

I forgot I could decide and change my own fate.


A shard of me stares back through silver glass.

She whispers pretty little things,

echoes of dreams I once had.


She smiles without weight,

A far off look dances in her eyes,

As darkness shrowds mine.


But she’s me,

The me I once was and the me I could still be.

Mirror, mirror

Help me make her beautiful dream my reality.


Catherine Gunther 26.02.2018