I think it is safe to say that I have a problem with completing a project. I currently have 6 WIPs on the go for various novel idea’s I’ve been working on over the last 12 months and none are even close to being completed. And two weeks ago I added number 7…don’t worry I have already reprimanded myself over it.

But here’s the catch. I’m already close to the half way point in the first draft! Yay!

This novel I’m working on started as a way to get me out of my writer’s rut. I’d been working on my big project, the series I’ve previously talked about writing on my blog and youtube channel, but was struggling majorly with it. No matter how many times I sat down to work on it I just. could. not. get. it. together.

So after feeling rather inspired by all the fairytale re-tellings I’d been reading over the last three months I thought, for fun, I’d write my own based on my all time favourite fairytale; Beauty and the Beast.

Two weeks into starting it and fitting in writing time around full time work commitments I’m already at 18,000 words as of writing this post. Not too far to the half way mark now.

Now, I know there are a lot of re-tellings of this story out there, but I am writing this version for me, to tell a story I would have liked to read. If other people like it to then thats a bonus! But my version is not a traditional version of the story, and it’s a lot darker at times.

I’ve pulled elements from various fairytales, fables and magic lore, embedding them into the original story with some major twists. The other major fairytale, and my second favourite, that I draw from is the story of Cinderella. There aint no ball in this one kids. But there are definately some ugly hearted family members who you’ll love to hate.

It’s a story told from two perspectives, Falon du Beaumont, my MC, and the beast, switching between the two chapter to chapter. Their story is a romance, but it is more a story of strength and courage. It explores the ways both are dehumanized by the world and the challenges they must overcome not only find the kindness to love each other, but the kindness to learn to love themselves as well.

I’ll be looking for some Beta readers soon to get a feel of what people think of it so if you’re interested comment below. In the mean time I’ll leave you with these little snippets to enjoy!

I know I looked absolutely wild that day, wavy strands of my auburn hair whipped from my braid, mud and dirt up to my knees from an earlier river crossing. And much to my stepmother’s horror when she saw me arrive home with the Baron’s son in step, I was wearing pants.


What had happened, I wondered, to bring her here under such conditions. I cursed the magic. I had been a fool to think she would just come, well and willingly. No, there was always a price to magic, and in my wish to end my loneliness I feared it was she who had paid the price for me.

The Beast

My nightmares had come life once again, but this time instead of the wolves it was men who chased me.