I love Reputation by Taylor Swift. On Tuesday I flew to Brisbane to see her with my best mate Kasey to rock out before flying back to Sydney for work the next morning. WHAT A SHOW I TELL YOU!

I also love my QUEEN Sarah J Maas’s books. So when my best friend Gabby and I noticed how well Taylor’s music fitted with the characters and scenes in Sarah’s books I knew I had to make this post. So… Are You Ready For It? Here are a pick of my favourite Rep songs and the character’s who’d rep it.

…Ready For It?

Aelin  – Legit anytime she makes a plan and doesn’t tell anyone.

I Did Something Bad

This track fits into two character’s way too well. Firstly, Aelin. But Aelin virtually all the time in every book when she goes off to do her own thing against everyone else’s plans and ideas for what should be done. I kinda think of this song as Aelin singing from the top of her lungs while Rowan sits there with his head in his hands, again, asking himself why she does the shit she does.

This track also fits so well as an anthem for Feyre when she returns to the Spring Court to Tamlin in ACOWAR. As her plan to undermine Tamlin grows and she plants the seeds for desertion I Did Something Bad feels oh so fitting for our High Lady.

Don’t Blame Me

Rowan, Kingdom of Ash, doing anything to get his mate back. (Curse you sarah, you wounded my heart in that book)

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I like to think that this song would be Dorian and Manon if they tried to act cool about their growing affection for each other…. if they ever decided to talk about their feelings.

Look What You Made Me Do

Honestly, way too many characters fit the bill here. But again, Aelin. I mean her history of doing things in spite of people is endless. I could picture her singing this to some of the guys who bet a woman couldn’t be the kings champion back in book one…oh how wrong you were.


This song is 100% Feyre and Rhysand. I feel this song is more so Rhysand’s perspective early on in the series before he could have Feyre. It’s kinda him pinning in the shadows about how wonderful Feyre is but unable to be with her yet because she doesn’t know about the mate bond and well, she is still ‘with’ Tamlin at that point (what a dark time indeed…).

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Getaway Car

Morrigan. Morrigan. Morrigan.

King of My Heart

This is easy. Feyre to Rhysand. Their relationship is so pure and golden, I love it. It fits so well with this song for so many reasons. They might not have the title King or Queen, but our High Lord and High Lady are certainly that to each other. Their love for each other is endless and Feyre truly loves him more than anything else. King of My Heart is a song that captures the ‘one true love’ and ‘mate’ elements of Sarah’s love story between these two.


That scene where Aelin wear’s a golden nightgown for Rowan… I don’t think I need to go any further.


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Rhysand to everyone BUT ESPECIALLY TAMLIN BECAUSE YOU SUCK. So yeah. I love this song, it’s one of my favourites on this record and to me is 100% Rhysand telling people off ‘nicely’. Whether it is his brothers, Mor,  the Illyrian’s or Tamlin the Tool.


Anywhoo, Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium tour was amazing and I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like it. Everything just utter perfection. This was a bit of fun thinking about which songs fit with my favourite SJM character’s, so I hope, if you’ve read the series, that this was a little bit of a laugh.

Let me know which character you best fit the songs of Repuation below!

Until next time,

Catherine x