With 2019 only days away I’m busy preparing for the year ahead, thinking about what it is I want to do with my time, what goals I want to achieve and what would make 2019 a better year than 2018. To be honest, 2018 was a cracker, so 2019 you have a lot to live up to.

But one thing I know, and am looking forward to next year, is doing something I did not think I could or would a year ago. Heck, even two months ago it was still a loose maybe.

So what is it I hear you ask?


This little writer was just accepted by Macquarie University in Sydney to start her Master of Creative Writing! That’s what!

It’s still a little surreal to think I am going to back to uni to study again. I never thought I’d go back and do postgrad. But 2018 opened a lot of doors and my eyes to the possibility of not only working in publishing, but to take my writing seriously with the end goal of course getting my novels published.

Throughout this year I’ve been working on a few different writing projects that have been a lot of fun and I’m excited for their futures. Doing my Master’s was something I only started thinking about seriously in November, whilst writing #ProjectStarlight for NaNoWriMo. I realised that although I love to write, there is so much more I want to learn about the craft to really make the magic sing. There is always room to grow and continue to educate yourself so this seemed like a natural step to take.

Another perk is of course that it’ll also help my career in publishing. At the moment I work in sales at Allen & Unwin, but eventually I’d like to work in Children’s/YA publishing team, working with authors on their manuscripts. That’s the long term goal.

It’s all very exciting and I’m still in a little shock that my manuscript I’d shown to a total of four people to (all family), that I was nervous about if the writing was good enough, managed to land me a spot in the program.

I start the program in February and my plan is to document my journey through the courses here on my blog for two reasons. Firstly, so that I have a record of it, of the highs, the lows, the challenges and the triumphs. And secondly, so that I can share what I learn with those who may not have the ability to study at university level to hone their craft. This, I hope, will become a kind of writer’s help desk where I can offer tips, tricks and other advice to help you improve your manuscripts.

So when opportunity knocks you take it. This is going to be an adventure and one I am more than ready to tackle.