Well holy quacamole I think I died and went to heven last night. I saw THE QUEEN! Well my writing Queen Sarah J Maas. She was in Sydney for the second last stop on her Kingdom of Ash Tour and wow… what a woman. 

I’ve loved her books for years now and they hold a special place in my heart, and finally I got to see her in person and hear her talk about the series that inspired me to take my own dreams of being writer seriously. Let me tell you if you ever get the chance to see her live, do it. She is so charismatic and hilarious.

She spoke a lot about what it was like writing the series and the moments that made her cry (the thirteen…oh my gosh how I cried) and how music is a massive inspiration behind her writing. She even teased some of her new adult series coming next year, Crescent City. Let’s just say that excited is an understatement for how I feel about January 2020.

My friend Gabs and I also took the night as an opportunity to dress up. Our first time doing cosplay and I think we did a pretty fine job. She’s forever been the Manon to my Aelin and it was amazing that she flew interstate to come to the event with me. After all without her shoving Throne of Glass in my hands all those years ago, I wouldn’t have been fangirling from the second row in awe of OUR QUEEN! (I also couldn’t believe how close to her we got to sit!)

The cosplaying and meeting other fans of her books was a bit surreal. So many people took photos with us, which was amazing. We also met other cosplayers (there had to only be about 8 of us out of the hundred plus attentees) and I have to say the photo of Chaol and I really sums up that ‘ran into my ex’ vibe.

Overall it was an amazing night and I left feeling so inspired and full of respect for her and her work. She really is a powerhouse who has a way with words and will forever be one of my writing heros.