I’m Catherine, a writer, reader and librarian in training based in Sydney, Australia. 

I’ve been scribbling down stories and ideas since the moment I learnt how to write, always found with my head in a book, exploring far off worlds. I founded this blog to share my love of literature and life. Here I curate book reviews, notes on my own writing, and other book-related content alongside my favourite recipes and life updates on occasion. You may even seen some posts about libraries here and there too. 

I have previously worked in the Australian book publishing industry across publishing houses Bloomsbury, Allen & Unwin and Murdoch Books. I am currently studying a Master of Information Studies to become a qualified librarian at the end of 2024. I am also a volunteer Library Assistant for Dementia Australia’s library, housing a comprehensive collection of resources for those living with or caring for people with dementia. 

When I’m not lost in the pages of a novel or tapping away at my keyboard, I enjoy baking, writing music and occasionally making art. 


I am currently working on a few writing projects. Below are the latest updates in progress on my top projects. If you'd like to learn more about my writing check out the writing updates page here. There you can find posts about the novels she has been working or some of her collected poetry. Project Mistbound: Second Draft Project Starlight: 50% written Project Coast: 30% written In 2021 I released my third EP A Dangerous Game an American/Alt-Country record. I am currently working on a new electro pop record. For more information head to my music site www.catherinegunther.com